CTRZONE Services

We offer our professional expertise and services to be one of your System Integrator Partners.

Business Support

We value our client business, it brings a better economy and improvement of a country. A reason for us to support and sustain this company or business in their operation that pertains to technology.

Structured Cabling

Offering our well-structured cabling services to your business requirements.

Internet Services

Most of us are connected with our internet providers and sometimes we still have some concern with our router and connections. We offer our expertise in the matter.

CCTV Structured Cabling, Camera and Installations

Our business is safe if we secure them with proper CCTV cameras. This will give you peace of mind and security if this is working properly.

Technology and Hardwares Requirements

In our modern world, we have to know and where we can use the proper technologies or hardware for our needs. It requires proper knowledge and device to efficiently get the right results you want.

Managed Services

We provide web and hosting services to help boost and improve their institutions, companies, and businesses improved. Our add-on services give our clients to trust us with their needs. We value our client's needs for them to succeed in their journey.

Web Domain Registration

We can provide domains for your institutions, company, and business. We can provide better domain names to compete with your competitors.

Web Hosting

We can help you set up your web hosting account and avail a faster and cheaper host for your website requirements.