About Us

CTRZONE is a technology expert to help you with your technology needs. As we know technology is one of the most important aspects of running up your personal and business endeavors. It enables many important tasks to improve our daily personal and business operations. It also provides an edge for growth. Some of us rely on a single application, whereas others rely on complex servers, multiple work stations, and remote access for messaging, traveling, and home-based employees. With our expertise, we know that we can develop and be a partner of your operations successfully.

This significant growth of technology around the Philippines especially in many areas is very important. In this situation, many small businesses are now establishing and would need securities and IT requirements into their offices. CTRZONE believes that these personal, business and company establishments would need a partner to lead and create suitable technology to meet ends goals. Operations that have a better technology structure for their operation will lessen downtime, improves production, and achieve goals.

Computer Experts Services

Business Support

We value our client business, it brings a better economy and improvement of a country. A reason for us to support and sustain this company or business in their operation that pertains to technology.

Structured Cabling

CTRZONE offers design and well-structured cabling services for your business requirements. The business should have the right cables and installation to avoid future concerns that might arise during their operations.

CCTV Structured Cabling and Camera Installations

CTRZONE provides and supports security devices for your home and office. CCTV cameras give customers a sense of security and safety as they know they are protected and give them confidence in doing business with you.

Technology and Hardwares Requirements

CTRZONE has the technology and hardware for your office and home. Let us know how we can help you to guide and give you the right device you need.

Managed Services

We provide web and hosting services to help boost and improve their institutions, companies, and businesses improved. Our add-on services give our clients to trust us with their needs. We value our client's needs for them to succeed in their journey.

Web Development

A business that has a website can help boost their product and services into a broader and affordable way. Build a website to enhance your marketing strategy and to increase sales.

Web Domain Registration

We can provide domains for your institutions, company, and business. We can provide better domain names to compete with your competitors.

Web Hosting

We can help you set up your web hosting account and avail a faster and cheaper host for your website requirements.